by Nemorensis

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Double CS Edition forthcoming.


released January 26, 2013



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Track Name: Prayer Of Initiation (Abandon The Self In Rivers Of Forgetfulness And Take Up The Mantle Of Purifying Fire)
Give of thyself to lethean streams and lift the dusk that veils your eyes. Give of thyself to consuming, purifying fire to arise, anew and clean to to a new celestial dawning.
Track Name: Sacrifice (Give Of The Flesh To The Eternal Circle And Embrace What Lies Beyond)
fall, to lay in fields of elysium and master thy unbridled passions
let waves of forgetfulness wash over your mind
and welcome spiritus into thy being
let spectral fingers caress thy visage
abandon this husk in which ye have laid thy pains
and take on new form
an eternal vessel of light
abandon this husk; the vehicle of wickedness and take new form
pour thyself into vessels of light
take this flesh; eat of me
take this flesh; may blossoms spring from the blood
take this flesh; and live
return to the eternal circle
may blossoms spring from the body
return and grant thy flesh to that which follows
and begin again
return to the circle
may blossoms spring from the flesh
the gift, relinquished, is taken up again
give of thyself, give to the earth, give to the circle of which all has been granted
give of thy flesh and blood and give again
do not forsake the journey
...do not forsake
Track Name: Rise Once More (The Ashes Of The Slain Harbor Life Anew)
suddenly everything had changed
as if emerging from a thick fog
the veils parted and you emerged into an unspeakably bright light
a raiment of green adorned your restored and unfamiliar frame
a crown of branched antlers, still velvet-sheathed and new, spread in an array about your head
look down at your hands: a bough of gold rests in them

what is this foreign carcass that lies sprawling, in early decomposition, among roots of cypress?
already home to beetles and young, sprouting flora, a host of a myriad novel spirits
go forth and bathe thyself in clear waters of reflection and enlightenment
reincorporate those elements that have always been a part of you - the ones you love - the stars - the rocks - the trees - the earth you tread - the woman - the man - the child - the agéd one - the heroes of the past - the great kings - the gods - the sun - the moon - all is one - forever and always -

the circle is life: awaken.